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Everything for sewing accessories

The manufacture and repair of clothing is difficult to imagine without accessories. These seemingly insignificant components can turn an ordinary thing into an original one. Are you looking for a place where you can buy sewing accessories in bulk? Then you have come to the address. Our company specializes in sales of accessories and fabrics of large and small volumes.

Why is it worth to buy sewing accessories in bulk from us?

Sewing clothes, shoes and bags is impossible without accessories. It was he and allowing th t make things comfortable and safe to use, and give the product a unique look, just turn it into a work of art.

We have created for ourselves a universal formula that allows us to make our work efficient:

  1. We have elements of mass production and exclusive.
  2. We are focused on a wide range and categories of goods.
  3. Our products are odorless and do not change color during use.

We set ourselves the goal - to make the process of buying sewing accessories in bulk less painless. For this, all products were systematized according to target categories, and their range was maximized. This means that you can order everything you need easily in one place without unnecessary time and financial costs.

If you have any difficulties, sellers will help you solve this issue. To do this, contact us in any way convenient for you.

Accessories for clothes

We made sure that you can find accessories for clothes of different types in one place. Among the assortment there are universal accessories (zippers, buttons, eyelets, buttons, elastic bands, Velcro, cords) and highly specialized (everything for tailoring, raw materials for making toys).

Accessories for clothes have a different purpose:

  • enhanced functionality;
  • fastening parts;
  • ornamentation.

Many of the parts perform several functions at once. For example, the direct purpose of the buttons is to connect the parts of the product. However, most of them have tons of unusual shape or color. Thus, the clasp becomes the subject of decor.

Bag accessories wholesale

In the production of clutches, backpacks and bags, components are also used. With their help, you can increase the durability and functionality of the product.

You can buy purse accessories from us in bulk of the following types:

  • accessories for fixing pockets and compartments (locks, sliders, zippers, buttons, magnets);
  • fasteners for parts and accessories (carbines, rings, eyelets);
  • belts and cords;
  • decorative elements (crabs, labels, corners, chains, rhinestones).

In most cases, a metal alloy is used as the material for the manufacture. A protective layer is necessarily applied to such components.

In addition, there is a wide selection of plastic bag accessories in bulk. It has less weight and does not make the product heavier.

Shoe accessories

Shoes are considered one of the objects of bright individualization. A well-chosen pair will complement the style image or, conversely, completely spoil it.

The attractiveness of shoes depends not only on the materials used in the manufacture, but also on accessories.

Shoe accessories are divided into two categories:

  • dekorativnaya;
  • fiksiruyuschaya.

The first type includes elements that serve solely to improve the appearance. The second takes part in the process of fastening on the foot.

In the assortment of our store you can find various shoe accessories: zippers, fasteners, buckles, eyelets, hooks, loops, as well as decor for adult and children's categories.

All components are corrosion- resistant and therefore resistant to environmental influences.

Sewing machines

The installation of accessories is not complete without additional accessories. For example, it is beautiful to install a grommet or buttons, without a press - a difficult task. In the same way as making several holes of the same diameter without a hole punch. Therefore, in the store’s catalog we placed a department where you can find the necessary tools for work and parts for the repair of certain types of equipment.